Dry Ice

For Smoke&Gamble Dry Ice, ripe bunches of grapes are dried appassimento style in re-purposed tobacco kilns. Long after the temperature has dropped below freezing, the frozen grapes are then pressed. The berries are hard as marbles and any water content in the grape is frozen solid, only the pure grape alcohol, high in sugars and acidity, is released.

The resulting rich, decadent wines produced using the Frozen Appassimento or "Dry Ice" process are among the most outstanding wines ever crafted. Smoke&Gamble Cellars is the originator of the Dry Ice process.

Less sweet than a traditional icewine, but with hints of port-like flavours, intensely satisfying. The nose has a smokey character to it, hits of spice and even some nuttiness. Unlike anything you have ever had before.


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DryIce Riesling
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